August 13, 2017

Whole house water filter replacement

Whole house water filtration

Why should we use whole house water filter system instead of focusing on single units like drinking water purifier or bathing water softeners.

Benefits are many. some are listed below:

  1. You get clean water from all plumbing inlets into your home
  2. Sediments and many other chemicals are largely removed for the entire house. Hence when used for washing clothes and utensils, they are less impacted.
  3. Reduces scaling and soap scum on utensils
  4. Using a whole house water filtration system reduces the risk of contaminated water in drinking as well as non drinking purposes
  5. Your plumbing will last longer as scaling will be drastically reduced
  6. A whole house water filtering installation is an insurance against any contamination that might happen due to the breakdown of the municipal water supply system

To have a secure water filtration system for your whole house, we recommend

  1. A scaling and sediment prevention system at the main inlet to your tank
  2. A drinking water system (with filtration of 0.2 microns, most bacteria are covered here)
  3. When compared to the cost of medical contingencies that will arise due to water borne problems, the investment in a good whole house water filtering system is a wise one

Which one to buy ?

We recommend 3M sediment and scaling prevention systems and drinking water systems. Their patented technology ensures clean water. And it does not require electricity. And it does not waste water like most RO systems.

You can check more details of the various products they offer – here – 3M Whole house water filter and scale prevention system

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