Customer in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Lot of sediment, rust and smell from Borewell water. Supplied with 3M AP802 sediment and carbon cartridge filters to solve this problem

Customer in Magadi Road, Bangalore, Hardness of borewell water around 975ppm. They were complaining about vessels having patches, clothes not looking clean even after wash, hair loss. Recommended and installed easy to maintain salt based Bluebird softener.

Customer in Kumara swamy layout. Using tanker water. Problem of sediment and varied levels of hard water. Worried about quality of water in bath. Installed 3M AP141T in 2 bathrooms. Also made a provision to parallelly connect to washing machine and wash basin so that clean water can be used. After this they got 2 more installed in another house in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Customer in a Villa on Sarjapur Road (Skanda Avani C99). Wanted a Non-RO drinking water system which does not waste water and electricity. Installed 3M DWS2000T under the sink water system.