Prakriti Eco Shop established in July 2017 in Bangalore, INDIA provide water softening / purification systems and solar heating / lighting systems with an exclusive vision of enabling tier 1 and tier 2 cities’ Indian homes with:

  • Pure drinking water – thereby helping them take care of their family’s health by providing the right water softener / scale inhibitor / purifier
  • Non-drinking purpose water – to save plumbing maintenance from hard watery using little or ZERO maintenance scaling prevention devices. These work very well as water softeners for your bathroom, washing machines, over head tank or whole house filtration
  • Clean energy – save electricity and thereby saving money and also help the environment by providing solar water heaters / lighting systems
  • Self sustaining life style – to beat the rising costs by efficient use of solar energy, rain water harvesting / storage
  • Wet waste management – to recycle wet waste originating from your home and prevent it from going to the landfill thereby reducing the bad effect on the environment in the landfill area and at the same time prepare organic manure for self use or contribute to the farmers.

With this vision, we have tied up with established companies like

  • 3M for water scaling prevention systems – No wastage of water, No usage of Salt, Essential minerals maintained. Cartridge based system providing upto 0.5 micron filtration with minimum maintenance.
  • Bluebird for salt based ion exchange water softening system / sediment filtration / iron-rust filtration (includes both manual and auto maintenance models)
  • HydroEnergiser for water scaling prevention systems – No wastage of water, No usage of Salt, Essential minerals maintained. Fit and forget device. ZERO maintenance. Comes with 5 year warranty.
  • LivPure, Bluebird for pure drinking water systems – RO/UV/UF based.
  • V-Guard, SWIBE, KAYAKA for solar water heaters – Companies known for excellent customer attention and multiple installations all over Karnataka. Tanks available in Stainless steel, HDGI, Copper.
  • Luminous for Solar electricity and Inverter solutions.

These companies are market leaders, time tested, conform to international standards, guarantees customer satisfaction.

It is our commitment to you that we will try our best to provide a solution that meets your family’s requirements. Though we deal with products, we want to be a solutions company where we understand your requirement and tailor a solution for your need, rather than sell a product and forget. We look forward to an engaging and long term relationship with our customers. We want our customers happy so that they trust us for all their water and energy solutions.

Being naturalists and eco friendly enthusiasts, we encourage people to go natural and recycle as much as possible.

People’s movement – Make your house ZERO WET WASTE HOUSE. Ours is!

Sounds interesting!! You can contact us also for :

  • Terrace gardening
  • Organic farming and products
  • Water conservation techniques

To speak to us – call on : + 91 98802 71410