Which solar water heater to buy

Which is the best solar water heater to buy which will suit my requirement ? This is the primary question that troubles every new house owner these days. Some state govts have also made it mandatory to have a solar water heater installed. So, here are some of the points to consider before making that purchase.

What is the quantity of usage ?

How many people live in the house who use hot water and do you use just for bathing or to wash clothes / utensils etc ?

Just for bathing purpose, consider using 100LPD for 2-3 people, 200 LPD for 5-6 people as a guidance. You will get an idea of the usage. Accordingly plan for capacity

Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) or Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) ?

ETC based solar water heaters are known to perform better than the FPC. The design and flexibility is superior. For a more detailed explanation read this article – Flat plate collectors vs. evacuated tube collectors

Do you have hard water problems ?

A simple water test can determine what is the TDS (total dissolved salts) present in your water. If it’s high (> 250ppm), most ETC based solar water heaters are able to handle that. However over a few years, the hard water will start taking it’s toll on the solar tank and piping systems. The calcium and magnesium salts will start depositing inside and start to corrode them. This will result in fast degradation of the solar water heating system whichever brand you buy. This will result in repair costs much earlier than you thought. We get calls from customers who have installed the equipment for just about 3 years and tanks have started leaking. Here, we recommend using a scaling prevention system (from 3M as this does not use electricity and works on patented filtration technology that reduces scaling without losing essential minerals). So, even if the costs are slightly higher, as a combined system, in the long run, the combination of solar water alongwith a 3M scaling prevention system will save costs big time and saves you trouble from frequent maintenance of plumbing systems.

See here for more details – 3M whole house scaling prevention system


Whole house water filter replacement

Whole house water filtration

Why should we use whole house water filter system instead of focusing on single units like drinking water purifier or bathing water softeners.

Benefits are many. some are listed below:

  1. You get clean water from all plumbing inlets into your home
  2. Sediments and many other chemicals are largely removed for the entire house. Hence when used for washing clothes and utensils, they are less impacted.
  3. Reduces scaling and soap scum on utensils
  4. Using a whole house water filtration system reduces the risk of contaminated water in drinking as well as non drinking purposes
  5. Your plumbing will last longer as scaling will be drastically reduced
  6. A whole house water filtering installation is an insurance against any contamination that might happen due to the breakdown of the municipal water supply system

To have a secure water filtration system for your whole house, we recommend

  1. A scaling and sediment prevention system at the main inlet to your tank
  2. A drinking water system (with filtration of 0.2 microns, most bacteria are covered here)
  3. When compared to the cost of medical contingencies that will arise due to water borne problems, the investment in a good whole house water filtering system is a wise one

Which one to buy ?

We recommend 3M sediment and scaling prevention systems and drinking water systems. Their patented technology ensures clean water. And it does not require electricity. And it does not waste water like most RO systems.

You can check more details of the various products they offer – here – 3M Whole house water filter and scale prevention system

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How to choose the right water purifier / softener

The growing awareness about the water-borne diseases has augmented the demand for water purifiers across India. The uptake of water purifying technology is also expected to increase as growing number of consumers are expected to realize the benefits of consuming cleaner water.

Water purification systems have become an essential part of homes as well as commercial establishments. There are several types of purifiers available. Each type uses a different method and caters to different requirements. It is important to choose the one which is appropriate for your requirements.

These are some of the important factors to be considered while choosing the right water filter for your home or workplace:

  • Primarily, the choice of water purifier depends upon the purpose. We have to consider the level of impurities. For instance, you would need a different type of filters for improving the taste of water and for removing visible or dissolved impurities.
  • Capacity of the purifier is also quite important. A low capacity purifier would be adequate for domestic use while a larger one needed for commercial establishments.
  • The next thing to consider is the quality of tap water. Regular testing can give a fair idea about it and the type of filter may be decided accordingly. You may not even need one if the water supply is good enough. The current one may be right for you and all you may need is a periodic replacement of water filter cartridge to maintain the quality of water.
  • The choice of purification system also depends upon your budget. A filter that uses advanced technology is obviously going to be more expensive. But this is one investment that you cannot cringe on because it is directly related to your health.

Having said this, be mindful that too much cautiousness about purity of water is actually detrimental to your overall body’s resistance to impurities. Wisely choose a filter that is just enough for basic necessities. Especially if you have good borewell water, you need not really use an RO or UV filter unless the ground water is contaminated. Best thing is to get your water tested before deciding what to buy.

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